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Victor Costa

"Anyone interested in participating in undergraduate research can stay after the end of class." Now I realise how the consequences of this decision have shaped my university live. I got out of a routine where the goal of my day-to-day actions got lost in a sort of distant future until the beginning of events that are anything but routine. A short trip showed me the importance of microcredit in poor communities, a sleepy morning in a library near home taught me to value the simple tools that many have to strive to have access to; the investigation of the history of informatics began as a tiny room in the mezzanine and the paths keep popping up on the horizon. “We are here to be free, be educated and to be healthy”. The freedom between projects, topics and fronts transformed the routine into something interesting. The tiny laboratory grew so much beyond the Technology Center, creating the possibilities of empowerment in area-fields of education far away from the halls of H bloc, both physically and philosophically. It presented new areas and people that, if I was focused on the Script that is preached daily to engineering students, I’m sure that I’d not have had the possibility of knowing. “There is love in LabIS.”