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Master's and doctoral Dissertations

Last Update: May, 2020.


  • BRAGA, Pedro Henrique da Costa. An university outreach proposal inspired by action-research to combat digital surveillance in Rio de Janeiro. [Approved in 2018, at HCTE] [Access]
  • FARIA, Luiz Arthur Silva de. Digitizations of social currencies in Brazil and their (Pre)Histories: tensions and mediations with States, markets and technologies. [Approved in Nov. 2018, at HCTE] [Access]
  • VALENTE, Cristina de Melo. One Computer per Student Program (PROUCA): Interweaving dreams and interests. [Approved in Dez. 2018, at HCTE] [Access]


  • PRIMO, Rodrigo Sampaio. The discourse of global in free software communities: a case study of WordPress [Approved in Sep. 2017, at PESC] [Access]


  • SOBRAL, André Vinicius Leal. Collective actions in networks: a case study of Anonymous Rio. [Approved in Dez. 2016, at PESC] [Access]
  • SEVERO, Fernando Gonçalves. TICS E TACS: The restatement of Softwares and Engineers on the Border between Sciences and Secrecy. [Approved in Dez. 2016, at PESC] [Access]
  • GONÇALVES, José Marcos. Promises of ICTs for SUS management: a sociotechnical reflection on implementation of a software for family health strategyApproved in Ago. 2016, at PESC] [Access]


  • COSTA, Bernardo Esteves Gonçalves da. The controversies of science in the Portuguese version of Wikipedia: the global warming case [Approved in Dez. 2014, at HCTE] [Access]


  • LIMA, Alberto Jorge Silva de. Digital inclusions and social development: a sociotechnical narrative on telecentres, lan houses and policies. [Approved in Ago. 2013, at PESC] [Access]


  • NASCIMENTO, Luiz Paulo do. Transparency in Brazilian public transparency portals: a study of three cases. [Approved in Set. 2011, at PESC] [Access]


  • FARIA, Luiz Arthur Silva de. Free software, solidarity economy, and democratic practices: three Brazilian cases. [Approved in Set. 2010, at PESC] [Access]
  • FEITOSA, Paulo Henrique Fidelis. The codified citizen: scanning of citizenship in public interest databases. [Approved in Set. 2010, at PESC] [Access]


  • TEIXEIRA, Cássio Adriano Nunes. A sociotechnical view of software engineering: the BNDES case. [Approved in Set. 2007, at PESC] [Access]
  • TORNAGHI, Alberto José da Costa. School makes technology, technology makes school. [Approved in Oct. 2007, at PESC] [Access]


  • CARVALHO, Marcelo Sávio Revoredo Menezes de. The Internet trajectory in Brazil: from the dawn of computer networking to the institution of its governance mechanisms. [Approved in Set. 2006, at PESC] [Access]


  • CARMO, Wagner Ramalho do. NGN: a sociotechnical analysis of telecommunications convergence in Brazil [Approved in Apr. 2005, at PESC] [Access]


  • CARDOSO, Vitor Alexandre de Freitas. The socio-technical study of the "human-machine" interface involving computers: the case of an aircraft accident. [Approved in 2004, at PESC]

To access the theses and dissertations developed prior to 2004, simply access the PESC portal, select the 'Advanced Search' option and, in the 'Research Area' filter, fill in the 'Informatics and Society' option.

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