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Last Update: May, 2020.



  • CUKIERMAN, H. L. Yes, we have Pasteur - Manguinhos, Oswaldo Cruz and the history of science in Brazil. 1. ed. Rio de janeiro: Relume Dumará - FAPERJ, 2007.

Book Chapters


  • SEVERO, Fernando; CUKIERMAN, Henrique; CAFEZEIRO, Isabel; MARQUES, Ivan da Costa. “Somos” = “Temos”. In: Alves, Daniela; Baumgarten, Maíra (Orgs.). Knowledges and societ: theories, politics, and controversies. Brasília: Verbena Editora, 2019, pp. 166-187. [Access]


  • CUKIERMAN, Henrique, “The sociotechnical approach - the challenges for software engineering”. In: Zuin, Vânia Gomes (ed), Environments: technoscience and its relation to sustainability, ethics, aesthetics, health and the human future. São Carlos, EdUFSCar, 2018, pp. 165-178. [Access]


  • CUKIERMAN, H. L. A racing car without tires. In: Dimensions of the history and memory of informatics in Brazil.1 ed.Jundiaí: Paco Editorial, 2017, p. 57-72.
  • SOBRAL, André V. L. Collective action networks in June 2013. In: Cei, Vitor; Danner, Leno Francisco; Oliveira, Marcus Vinícius Xavier de; Borges, David G. (Orgs.). What remains of the June days. Porto Alegre: Editora Fi, 2017, pp. 37-64. [Access]


  • BRAGA, Pedro Henrique da Costa; CRUZ, Samantha B. de O.; DIAS, Lucimeri Ricas. Challenges in migrating from proprietary to free software in an university outreach project. In: Addor, Felipe (Org). University outreach and Public Policies: integrated action for social development - Research, Action and Technology. Rio de Janeiro, Editora UFRJ, 2015, v. 2, pp. 95-108. [Access]


  • ARAÚJO, José Fábio Marinho de; VALENTE, Cristina de Melo (Orgs.). Actor-Network and beyond in Brazil ... the theories that chirp here don't chirp like there? Campina Grande: EDUEPB, 2014. 327 p.[Access]
  • CUKIERMAN, H. L. Truth and Imagination. In: Arthur A. L. Ferreira; André Martins; Robert Segal (Org.). A ball in the foot and an idea in the head - What football makes us think. 1 ed. Rio de Janeiro: UFRJ/FAPERJ, 2014, pp. 255-266.
  • CUKIERMAN, H. L. Humans and artifacts: new sociabilities. In: Priscila Faulhaber; Heloisa M.B. Domingues; Luiz C. Borges (Org.). Science and Frontiers. 1 ed. Rio de Janeiro: Museu de Astronomia e Ciências Afins, 2014, pp. 221-234.
  • CUKIERMAN, H. L. Who invented Brazil? In: Medina, Eden; Marques, Ivan da Costa; Holmes, Christina (Org.). Beyond Imported Magic Essays on Science, Technology, and Society in Latin America. 1 ed. Cambridge, Massachusetts: The MIT Press, 2014, pp. 27-46.

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