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Jônathan Costa

Jônathan CostaTechnician in Computer Systems by Federal Fluminense University (2014) and Computer and Information Engineer by Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (2018), I approached computing (un)configuring, many times, since little, my dad's computers, that was wise to direct me to a happy discovery that computers can give those that reach it with purpose.
With this mentality, I approached the Laboratory of Informatics for Education (LIpE), and later the Informatics and Society Laboratory (LabIS), where I found unique activities and people in their effort and dedication to social purposes, that allowed me to engage with social projects such as LibrasOffice, that I helped to come to fruition, so deaf people may make a more productive use of computers, "converting" the interface of the famous LibreOffice to Brazilian Sign Language.
Perhaps the greatest learning from LibrasOffice was the attempt to adequate classical software engineering and it's tools to an uncommon case: when the end-user can't communicate directly with the developer. It is a challenging and rewarding task to develop optimized projects for special users (in many ways), that silently await for their much needed and deserved attention.
As much as possible, I continue to collaborate with the nobble initiatives like this one, idealized by unique places like the LabIS and LIpE.