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The research area in Informatics and Society, the only one of its kind in the country linked to a graduate program in the field of computing, has been producing, since the mid-1980s, relevant knowledge for reflection on the design, development and the adoption of ICTs in different contexts, as well as on the meanings attributed to them.

Recently, as a result of the development of the research developed, the work on the teaching-research-outreach triad has been expanding and strengthening through the Informatics and Society Laboratory (LabIS).

The dissertations and theses developed since the 1980s can be partially appreciated on the portal of the PESC portal, by selecting the 'Advanced Search' option and the 'Research Area' filter equal to 'Informática e Sociedade'.

The most recent production of the research area, including not only theses and dissertations, but also books, book chapters, journal articles and presentations at events, is available in the section publications.