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Filipe Silva

Filipe SilvaCurrently, I'm an undergrad student at Computers and Information Engineering at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. I graduated as a technician in Informatics in the city of São Paulo. Paulistano and honorary carioca. Since very early I was fascinated by technology as we know and how we could use "it", yet not very clear, to transform our society. Once someone told me "If I could see farther, it was because I stood on gigant shoulders". We live in networks, an association of people and elements. Nothing is more certain than to state that human scientific knowledge is constructed and not simply discovered. We are all connected in this gigantic constructivist project that envolves scientists, engineers, finnancers, and citizens, from Brazil or otherwise, even laboratories, machines, literature and etc.
A music admirer, a teacher at a community preparatory course and eternal learner. These are some of the phrases that describe me. To start my adventure in the Laboratory of Informatics and Society was, without a doubt, one window of opportunity, not only professional as you may think but learning and knowledge sharing based on the wish of knowing Brazilian reality to transform it. Engineering (with a capital E) is not supposed to be theoretical for the disenfranchised and practical for the rich, it must resonate the search for scientific and technological renovation for a fairer and more connected society, with science inside and outside classroom and laboratories.

Therefore, in the position of a scientific initiation scholarship holder financed by the Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico(CNPQ), previously by the Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (FAPERJ), to study the history of Informatics in Brazil, I must contribute in the popularization of a sociotechnical approach to development and applications of technologies.