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Fernando Severo

Fernando Severo

Severo or Severino are my names, Fernando is a nickname. I will rather be called by my name because nicknames are only for those who are close. I'm an engineer by academic background, a teacher by politic choice, an educator by necessity, from Maricá by sheer luck and a Flamengo fan by destiny (Rocha, a whole life plus fifteen days). In my undergraduate times, I flirted with education, but only flirted with classical classroom teaching. I was a teacher, preparatory exam's course trainer, a puker of hornbooks, nevertheless the day-to-day heat with the children was pleasurable even when teaching things that did not captivate us. I also worked as an engineer in multinational market companies. I tried, I swear that I did try, to be a good citizen. After all, I had studied a lot for that, but it seems I had no vocation for being conservative. The game started to change when I met Clara, Lina, and Thiago, young undergrads of a new university in the Jequitinhonha valley. They wanted to live the utopia of a fair and solidary Brazil, I embarked on that dream, long ago. I worked (and still do) in Petrobrás and there I found another education by the stone (Cabral de Melo Neto, 1966) with the corporate social responsibility program. In this program, I found not only a soul brother (Cabral de Melo Neto, 1969), master of social and digital "little coins", Luiz Arthur, but I also realized that even in the corporate world there was bodies and affection. There I started the Tecnojovem project, that brought me closer once and for all to the Rio de Janeiro incredible youth. This same Luiz Arthur dragged a line and asked me to hold it, a research line of Informatics and Society of the Graduate Program in Systems Engineering and Computer Science from COPPE. There I became a master (2016) and now I'm trying to be a "doc". There I met Henrique Cukierman and José Marcos Gonçalves, two soul brothers, and some other engaged researchers with live and vibrant fields. It was in this area that I lived and discover the most vibrant and surprising experiences and experiments of my adult life. It was in this line that I learned that programming is not only oriented towards objects but oriented towards causes. It was in this line that I learned to love the people from Popular Center of Culture and Development (CPCD) and the cooperative Dedo de Gente. It was in this line that I met Tião Rocha and learned that culture is the raw material of software. It was in this line that I learned with my best friend and educator, Henrique Cukierman, to cook, to write, to act, to breath, to read (for someone), to walk, to feel and to be happy in an academic course called Computer's and Society (there I learned to be another kind of teacher, there I learned to be an educator). It was in this line that the best team of the world gave me its best present: the smallest research lab of the planet, o LabIS. My name is written in this line. My name is written with this line. In this line, love is written.