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Clécio Santos

My interdisciplinary trajectory take off as I approach the student movement at the Federal University of Bahia. I was then in the third year of the computer engineering undergraduate program. A new world opens where students from different fields of knowledge exchange experiences and put the status quo into debate from different perspectives. The "University" begins to live up to the name. But the Polytechnic School still seemed oblivious to the fervor of the political discussions on the humanities campus, and I sought connections between my activism and my program. It was then that I met ENEDS (National Meeting for Engineering and Social Development), an event created by SOLTEC/UFRJ (Núcleo de Solidariedade Técnica). ENEDS put me in touch with themes such as solidarity economy, self-management and the non-neutrality of technology. It was love at first sight. Following these discoveries, I decided to become a member of the research field of Science, Technology and Society. I got to know the research area in Informatics and Society at COPPE through friends of SOLTEC and here I came with the interest of researching the connections between the development of information technologies and ethnic-racial relations.