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Rodrigo Primo

I graduated in Pedagogy at the University of São Paulo but I did very little in the area. In the middle of the graduation I heard about free software. I started to explore, and I installed Kurumin (GNU / Linux distribution) on the only computer that was in my house at that time. When I realized I was working with development (my breadwinner since 2004). Some years after having finished the graduation, I wanted to reflect on my professional practice as a free software developer. Through friends of SOLTEC / UFRJ (Nucleus of Technical Solidarity), I found the research line Informatics and Society, where I'm developing a master's degree research. My idea is to investigate the notion that free software communities are global paralleling the critique made by CTS authors regarding the so-called universality of science. For that reason, I am researching the community of WordPress developers, and checking, among other things, where these developers are based. When I'm not in front of the computer I usually go out to climb or pedal. I am vegetarian, bicycle activist and defender of free software and free education.