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Paulo Feitosa

In search of a dialogue between graduations on Electrical Engineering, Theology and Systems Analysis and expressing a discomfort for the lack of connection in this seemingly shattered world, I started a journey in search of terrain for dialogue between in the many dimensions of this academic and professional journey. Bothered me mostly the idealized duality between social and political in one side, and technical and scientifical in the other, being understood these last two almost always as purified from the mundane circumstances of the first. The opening of the terrain in the research area of Informatics and Society from PESC/COPPE/UFRJ allowed some instigating connections since the construction of my M. Sc. dissertation, that allowed me to search for and understand how inseparable political decisions are from the techniques, and that even data, the more naturalized elements of a system of information, are not godsend blessings, they are also constructions. Now, in my doctorate, I return my activities of research dedicating myself to the digitalization of electrical distribution systems in what has been called of smart grids.