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Pedro Braga

I joined UFRJ in 2009, pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. Then, I expected to find a great plurality of ideas within Academy, but I came across a very technical teaching with no room for critical reflection of technology and its applications in the real world. Through personal indications, I was introduced to the Núcleo de Solidariedade Técnica (SOLTEC), a strong bastion of university outreach at the UFRJ's Center for Technology. At SOLTEC I had my first contact with STS, which led me to be introduced to Prof. Henrique Cukierman for guidance on my final undergraduate project and to pursue later a master's degree at HCTE (Graduate Program in History of Sciences and Techniques and Epistemology). During master's studies, I developed a research project on the digital surveillance conducted by the Brazilian state against groups that question the hegemonic order of capitalism (social movements, political parties and unions). I obtained the master's degree in April 2018 and in September of the same year I started the doctoral studies at PESC (Graduate Program in Systems Engineering and Computer Science), again guided by Prof Cukierman. I am currently interested in research about the university extension and its connections to the production of software for social movements.