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Nayara Gomes

Nayara SilvaI was born in Saquarema and finished my High School in FAETEC - ETE Bacaxá, but in 2016, I moved to Rio to follow a dream: to pursue a military career. However, over time, I decided to follow an older dream that had been thrown aside: Studying Computer Engineering and Information, at UFRJ. Today, I see that I could not have made a better choice. Despite the exhausting routine, I am extremely happy and in love with UFRJ and my course.
I'm passionate about music since I was 7 years old, and I intend to graduate in this area after Engineering, but only to improve myself and have greater contact with music. I love sports and physical activities, and today, I have ventured and discovered a greater love in Muay Thai. These activities have made me endure all the heavy routine that is surrounded by tasks and commitments, improving my mental and physical health.

In our daily lives, we go through so many problems and tasks to fulfill that we forget to look aside and reflect on so many social problems that surround us. It was reflecting in this that I decided to enter the Programming Course for Girls, carried out by the Laboratory of Informatics for Education (LIpE), which opened the doors to the Laboratory of Informatics and Society (LabIS). Today, I see how computing can transform lives, provoke smiles and fulfill dreams, making us capable and motivated to win anything. I also see that in an environment as automated as the university, it is possible to find and to be overflow with love, and that motivates me to wake up every day, hoping to build, through computing, a better and more humane world.