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Marcelo Savio

I have always been interested in seeking to know more about the history of science and technology, specifically those related to computing, which is my area of education and professional practice. In 2003, more than ten years after graduation, I decided to go back to university to pursue my master's degree, when I met the research area in Informatics & Society of PESC/UFRJ and Prof. Henrique, who opened me opportunities to develop this knowledge. It was there that I discovered that the history of S&T was much richer when viewed not as a chronological sequence of inventions and discoveries, but as a history that recognizes contingencies, forks, and alternative paths that might have been traveled within an inseparable entanglement of science, technology and society. I chose the Internet trajectory in Brazil as a research theme, with the intention of producing something that could be used as a reference in this subject. And my approach to the knowledge on this history later contributed to a better understanding of other technological developments present in modern life (cell phones, digital TV, social networks, Internet of Things, digital convergence, etc.). Today, more than ten years after the publication of my dissertation, I still have pleasant surprises with the result of this work. From time to time I receive contact messages from people and citation information of my writings in various publications and in research on multidisciplinary topics. Sense of mission accomplished.