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Lidiana Souza

Since 2012, I have been engaged with social projects. Started with theater, trying to bring culture and art for those without access, and during the technical informatics course I joined a pre-scholarship in which I worked in the development of a game aimed to teach math to middle school students, focusing on public education primarily. From there I kept the motivation that social project carry. In 2017, I enrolled in the Computer Engineering and Information course at UFRJ and dealing with the frenetic rhythm of the university, I ended up distancing myself from the projects that I was involved. Right now, I contribute teaching a community pre entrance exam in Jacarezinho-RJ and in a Programming course.

I met the Informatics and Society Laboratory through the teachers, Fernando and Henrique, after a class from the Computers and Society discipline. Since then, we kept in contact and here am I being part of the team. Until then I had discovered few students/teachers engaged with social issues and/or developing related activities. I hope to contribute to strengthening of the ties that connect society with Informatics and hope to have a long and happy time here.