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Jaqueline Nascimento

I live in São Gonçalo, a city located in the metropolitan area of Rio de Janeiro, where I’ve been enjoying since high school many personal and student adventures. At the age of 15, in 2015, I moved away from home to stay in the high school (Escola Sesc de Ensino Médio), where I had the opportunity to live 3 years together with a great diversity of students coming from all over the country. Furthermore, at that school I had my first contact with scientific research and social projects. In 2016, after visiting The Pedro Ernesto University Hospital, I saw myself delighted with their staff’s work, and even though I wasn’t still sure about my future career, I knew it would have something to do with health care. So, after applying for some brazilian universities, I was a “freshwoman” in Pharmacy, at Universidade Federal Fluminense. It didn’t take much to notice a lack of identification with the area: a semester later, I had a new chance to apply for another course and took it right away. I enrolled in Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, where, since 2018, I’ve been studying Physiotherapy.