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Cássio Teixeira

I obtained the MSc degree in Systems Engineering and Computer Science at PESC/COPPE/UFRJ in 2007. In accordance with my previous education in Computer Science (bachelor's degree from UFMG) and Project Management (postgraduate degree from FGV), I used to always find my professional experience as a systems analyst/software engineer threatened by the so-called "non-technical factors", positioned "outside" Software Engineering (ES), willing to do everything to defeat the projects. Looking for tools to understand them and face them better, I ended up being accepted as a master's student at the Informatics and Society area of PESC/COPPE/UFRJ, under the guidance of my friend Prof. Henrique Cukierman. Through a sensational journey, this experience has profoundly enriched my understanding and practice by making me, above all, realize that the very "technical" (within the ES) /"non-technical" (outside the ES) segregation is radically part of the problem. And you there, colleague systems analyst, do you really think that the requirements of software are all over the world waiting for us to elicit them? Have you ever thought of the mechanistic, realistic, modern conformation of the ES that perhaps makes you answer that question in the affirmative?