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André Vinicius Leal Sobral

Sociologist graduated by the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA) in 2013, always nurtured a profound curiosity about the possible interactions between machines and humans, in a way that together, they contribute to changes in the social order. Originally from a field that assigns protagonism to humans, I studied social networks at my graduation monography, focusing on friendship relationships built and maintained through them. Thanks to the internet and friendships, in 2014 I ended up discovering the research area Informatics and Society in PESC/COPPE/UFRJ, a group focused on the profound investigation of man-machine relations. Under the advisory of Professor Henrique Cukierman, I concluded my M. Sc. in Computer Science and Engineeering by studying collective actions in networks, more precisely the creation of activist groups and their participation in the mobilizing of street protests in Rio de Janeiro. Currently, I'm in my doctorate studies, where I develop teaching material for the course 'Computer and Society' or 'Informatics and Society' as part of my thesis, both considered from humanities or interdisciplinary courses. I am fascinated by human behavior and fond of all kinds of games and narratives.